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Head Choice, Inc. prides itself on distributing quality products, as well as, providing excellent customer service and bringing a sense of professionalism. It is a company that I can see myself growing from a person who have just graduated from college into a professional that will bring that excellent customer service and professionalism to the position. I believe that America needs small business such as Head Choice, Inc.; they offer many different kinds of jobs to many different types of people. Small business are often the ones that give people with no experience like myself an opportunity to grow. I am a person who has no professional type of experience, but I do have almost four year of customer service experience. In those four years I have provided the best customer service to every type of customer, from those that are easily pleased to those that are a nightmare. I really enjoy providing the best customer service that I possibly can. I have learned that without customers any business will fail, so treat the customers as if they are family and they will always continue to come back. Not only can I provide excellent customer service to the customers of Head Choice, Inc., but I can be a team player by sharing ideas I have, and following directions so that the team can accomplish goals set by management. There is never no “I” in team.…show more content…
What my education has taught me is the ability to solve problems, and to think in a more analytical way. My education did not only teach me to think analytically, but I believe that it has taught me to have a more positive outlook on life. Without that positive outlook the negativity can bring anyone down. No one wants negativity around them, it will just be a set up for failure. Positivity is what sets a small business up for

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