Problems Of Overpopulation

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In a world filled with populated areas of different standing social classes, many problems exist. The biggest one, however, is impossible to solve with the exception of one solution. 2) As everyone knows, the upper class is constantly forced to lend a helping hand to those in need. They are the sparkling diamonds in a pile of dirt. This wealthy, hardworking class has to invest their well-earned money into those who are less fortunate in society- the underprivileged, the penniless, the needy. The problems of those in the nation should not have to be solved by those who are successful, I propose an idea that properly suits the situation: do away with those who cannot do for themselves. My scheme provides great advantages that will improve…show more content…
In a population of over seven billion people, 1.6 billion have inadequate shelter (“Global”). Since the baby boom in the 1940’s, conception seems to continue to be a hobby of many, however, the world cannot support the plethora of children created. As birth rates continue to escalate, so will our problem of overpopulation. The ratio of infants born to deaths is completely out of proportion. Every year, 131.4 million children are born while only 55.3 million people die (“World”). In order to reset this proportion and make it an even fifty-fifty ratio, we must rid those who cannot be financially supported. Overpopulation may not seem to be a personal problem for many, but, in reality, it affects everyone. In crowded cities like New York or Los Angeles, people are squeezed shoulder to shoulder when walking to and fro. With the execution of those who reside on those crowded streets, the problem will be solved. Instead of being scrunched shoulder to shoulder, everyone will now be at least an arm’s length…show more content…
The crimes in today's world are a reflex for some who are trying to survive. Those in need commit crimes to find a way to make it to the next day. This is not ironic at all as they are angry about their living conditions while facing world hunger simultaneously- also known as “hangry.” In America 21% of people imprisoned reported being homeless before going to jail. If we rid ourselves of the homeless, crime rates will drastically decrease. Although murder helps decrease the population, it should not be done to a person who is undeserving of such a punishment-and can help the economy thrive. Butchering the lower class would prevent these murders and decrease the crime rates while keeping the majority of the working, wealthy class

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