Gioietta Kuo Overpopulation Problem

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In today’s society there are many economic problems, such as pollution, global warming, and overpopulation. These problems have taken a toll on the environment, and its resources. Although all of these issues have an impact on our environment, overpopulation stands to have the greatest impact on our environment, due to the large masses of people and the limited resources. “MegaCrisis? Overpopulation Is the Problem” is an argumentative article in which Gioietta Kuo, a scientist, examines the pros and cons of the overpopulation issue. Although Gioetta Kuo in “MegaCrisis? Overpopulation Is the Problem” provides concrete examples, she fails to effectively raise the situation of mega crises globally due to the multiple logical fallacies he has committed and through the use of pathos. The author states that he will examine the pros and cons of the overpopulation issue, but it tends to be more one-sided. [Insert examples here]…show more content…
But the European-derived Viking culture proved unable, or unwilling, to give up its reliance on the imported materials…”(26). This is a good example that is used effectively, it resembles our current situation. Kuo further states, “It is simply an instance of how population control can be achieved even in cultures where, traditionally, unlimited reproduction has been accepted as inevitable and even desirable”(26). Kuo is trying to prove to people that implementing an aggressive family planning program is indeed possible. But, what is it like to go without a cellphone? Could you do it? Is it even possible? Well, not really, if you are an American college student today. Modern people have a necessity for certain items and are not willing to give them up, therefore the solution that Kuo is trying to suggest will never

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