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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change13 in its global climate scenarios has shown that the pattern of global warming would be more prominent in high altitude zones, especially those in the tropics and subtropics up to 3 to 5 times faster warming than in the rest of the world. Alpine glaciers of Himalayas are very sensitive and are indicators of climate change. Evidence shows that the glaciers in Kashmir Himalayas are responding to climate change. Reduction in the mass of glaciers is due to increase in temperatures and less snowfall in the winters. In Jammu and Kashmir State during the last 50 years, several dozens of smaller glaciers have been completely vanished. If the similar rate of recession of the glacier will continue in the future, it is a great cause of concern for common man in the Kashmir Himalayas. The climate change is likely to lead to a reduction of precipitation and…show more content…
All members of the pure nomadic pastoralist group move throughout the year. There are also groups where some people are settled in permanent habitats and some people travel with their livestock for periods of several months at a time. Pastoralism reflects a lifestyle based upon the maintenance of herds of animals that depend mainly on natural vegetation for their food. This dependence along with migration to water, away from diseases in response to other pressures, determines the seasonal and daily movements of pastoralists22. Pastoralism is the use of extensive grazing on forest lands for the increase in livestock production. It is known for making a variety of risk management strategies and these strategies help people to survive in an increasingly arid and unpredictable environment. The pastoralists cope with such problems by moving their livestock according to the shifting availability of water and pasture to optimise the use of rangelands and maintain diverse herds including browsers and

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