Importance Of Authentication

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Authentication plays a major role in offering services to the legitimate user and generally it is achieved through like username and password. Password, smart card, token device and biometrics are some of the factors of user credentials which can be used to claim the identity. The basic principle of authentication is that without a proper form of identification, a system will not be able to correlate an authentication factor with a specific entity. The main goal of authentication is to protect and maintain the availability, confidentiality and integrity of a computer network for the person. 1.1 Authentication system The primary aim of an authentication system is to verify user credentials and permits the user to interact with the system. The…show more content…
It is generally referred by the phrase “Something the user has”. User authentication is done based on a physical device the user possesses like credit card, debit card, smart card, mobile phone and security token. Credit card, debit card, smart card contain embedded integrated circuits which possess information about the user. During verification the user has to provide the card to the card reader to authenticate himself. This method is used in license, identity cards, passenger ticket in railways and ration cards. Due to the wide deployment of mobile phones they are also used as an authentication factor. The security token is embedded in the mobile phone either in the form of a hardware or software as shown in Figure 1.2. One Time Password(OTP) which is implemented by bank for online banking and send it through registered mobile number as Short Message Service (SMS) to protect unauthorized access of the account. As the mobile phones are widely used, this form of authentication facilitates the user in the aspect that separate cards need not be carried for authentication. As the users have to carry cards to access the service wherever they goes, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to the user. Moreover it is insecure due to user might lost the card or easily stolen by…show more content…
Further this biometrics can be categorized into two type’s namely physiological and behavioral characteristics. Physiological characteristics are shape, feature, texture or any other characteristic available in the human body. Finger print, finger vein, palm print, iris and retina are some of the physiological traits commonly used. Behavioral characteristics are the measurement of pattern or style of doing an activity by a human being Walking style, keyboard typing pattern, voice and signature are some of the behavioral

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