The Number Twenty 3 Analysis

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The weirdness of Twenty Three Numbers may actually exist outside the dimensions of time and space or they might just be constructs of the human mind. Whatever they are, they seem real to us. We attribute some quality to each one of them. The number 1 reminds us of loneliness, 2 of togetherness and so on. The number 7 is thought of as lucky and 13 is considered so unlucky that some people actually fear the number. This fear of the number and reluctance to use it is known as Triskaidekaphobia. The number Twenty Three is also special in its own way. It has so many weird associations that I decided to devote a chapter to it. If you search on the internet, you will find that it is the fifth factorial prime, the second Woodall prime, the fifth Germain prime, the fourth safe prime, a happy number, a deficient…show more content…
‘23’ is a 1998 German thriller about a young hacker named Karl Koch, who thinks obsessively about the number. Strangely enough, he dies on 23 May 1989. Although the film was well received by critics and audiences, people who knew the person on whose life the film is based, have vocally disputed the accuracy of the film. ‘The Number Twenty Three’ is a film where the protagonist, Walter Sparrow, reads a novel which combines a murder mystery with Numerology and constantly revolves around 23. He gets captivated by the story, dreams about it and also finds various connections between the number and his life. He searches for the author and stays in the hotel, again in room number 23, where the events of the novel took place. He gets so caught up in the novel that he can’t differentiate between fact and fantasy. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is a story based on the life of John Forbes Nash Jr., who is a Math prodigy. He suffers from a nervous breakdown after he gets obsessed with the number 23. Nash had 23 published scientific

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