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Ever since my senior year in high school, I had an educational goal to become a computer programmer. I liked the problem-solving aspect of it where I could solve problems with the help of the computer. Now that I am more exposed to the field of computer science, I realized that my actual goal was to become a software engineer. As a software engineer, I can do much more than just make programs on computer like know how to write clean, efficient, and secure codes. I can also know how to analyze data and maintain programs. However, I do not want to be any kind of software engineer, but a competent and knowledgeable one. You see, other than my educational and career goal, I also have a personal goal to help and give back to the local and global…show more content…
My biggest inspiration was and still is, the current society and how it is becoming more and more technological. We live in a society dominated by the internet and smartphones and I came to the realization that humans will most probably come to be dependent on technology. Another factor was the chairman of computer science department at my current community college. During the orientation, I remember him telling the incoming computer science students that we have the ability to work in any field, for there is always a need for computer science skills. This was fascinating to me since I love to gain knowledge on anything I can possibly lay my hands on. Although I plan on focusing my education in computer science I have interest in other fields like chemistry, music, fine art, literatures, foreign languages, and so much more. The chairperson’s message was promising since I would be able to participate in any field of studies and get an indirect lesson from the people working in those fields. As for my personal goal to volunteer my skills, I was inspired by the many resources, lessons, and websites available to all essentially for free. One such place was Khan Academy where they provide learning resources for virtually all kinds of field of studies. Another one is YouTube where many content up-loaders offer their valuable time to help make a difference through their

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