Essay About Overpopulation

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Overpopulation Issues Imagine a mom with five kids she's getting paid minimum wage and she can barely feed her kids, lives in a small apartment with one bedroom and is a single mother she can never go to sleep in peace knowing that her children will be going to sleep with an empty stomach. She also just found out that she has cancer and can’t afford treatment because she has too many kids and has to support them on her own. Population has been an issue people are having more kids that they can take care of. In some countries the population had become such a big problem that the government had to step in a give people a limit of kids they can have. Overpopulation means that there is a lot of people in certain areas and there is limited supplies…show more content…
Death rates also known as fatality rate, is the ratio of total deaths to total population in a community or area over a period of time according The Free Dictionary. Technology and science play a huge part in the medical field. According to the Ecology Global Network two people nearly die every second and per year 55.3 million people die, but there are four babies born every second and 131.4 million birth per year, people are living longer so the death rate is starting to decrease over time and more babies are being born. In many cases they don’t have enough education on protection to prevent or don’t have money to buy protection of any kind to prevent themselves from unexpected pregnancy. According to the article Conserve Energy Future some effects of overpopulation are depletion of natural resources this means that there will not be enough resources for every single country because the earth can only produce limited amount of natural resources most of the environmental damage is because of the number of people on earth. People are cutting down forest, hunting wild life in reckless ways, we are also causing pollution. Another effects is the rise Haro, Rojas
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