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Committee: ECOSOC Topic: Overpopulation Country: Brazil Background Overpopulation is when an environment can no longer handle the stress put on its resources by a society. Today the human population is growing close to Earth’s carrying capacity, which is estimated to be just short of 10 billion. As of 2015 the Earth’s population has been estimated to be about 7.37 billion, this number increasing each day. At the rate the human population is growing we should reach around 10 billion by the end of this century. Every day over 1 billion people on Earth do not have enough food or access to a clean water supply; and if we continue at this velocity, overpopulation will soon be a titanic problem. Most of our energy sources, such as oil, wood,…show more content…
Around 1950, when our population grew to 2.6 billion, the UN created a Population Divison. The United Nations’ Population Division provides data each year to help to help monitor and show projections on demographic estimations. The UN’s Population Fund helps execute objectives set by the Cairo 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) as well as estimating future numbers of Earth's inhabitants. A disquieting report by The NAtional Academy of Sciences predicts a global Chinese style one child policy could possibly be the only way to reverse the deteriorating effects of overpopulation. This article continues on to state that this policy could have a chance of bringing 7 billion down to 1 or 2 billion. Different ways to work against overpopulation have been taken on by smaller scale organizations such as Population Media Center, Population Action INternational, Pathfinder, Population Connection, and Sierra Club. However, the United Nations itself has not taken direct action against this problem. It has created an annual recognition on July 11 called World Population Day in 1989 to mark the day the population reached 5 billion in

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