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Overpopulation There was around 3.5 billion people added to the population between 1950 and 2000.This was the fastest growing rate people have ever seen.”The world's population in the year 2006 was estimated to be over 6.5 billion people in the world strong and growing” ().The problem with so many people is that everything will start to overpopulate. Some solutions are that we can number a family on how much kids the could have. Another solution is that they could also try not to produce as much kids.If we don’t lower or decrease the people in the world it will become to overpopulation. Even though there will be more biodiversity it will all just keep happening. My problem/situation/issue is overpopulation. The United States (U.S.)because when you make a bill it only addresses to people who live in America. The overpopulation occurs when there is too many people in one area such as animals,humans,babies,adults,plants,fish etc. The reason this is important is because people need to understand…show more content…
What needs to be done is the government needs to make a law where each family can only have 4 kids per family. If we can limit each family 4 kid then we can just have kids that live in bad places live in good places because those kids need to be able to live a good life. Some facts are “ World population will probably top 8 billion in 2025,meaning that will have grown fourfold in a century”(). This fact means that if we reach 8 billion we will have to grow more foods and have more people work because farmers are the one who saves us from running out of food. Another fact is that there is a lot of animals too in this world. “ The large domestic animals include about 1.7 billion sheep/goats in the world,1.3 billion cows, and 0.3 billion horses,camels, and water buffalos”. This is just an example saying that people aren’t the only overpopulation it is also the

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