Overpopulation In Beijing Essay

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In Beijing, there are a lot of issues to be solved, I think one of the important ones is over population. Because many people come to Beijing to seek work Beijing has many opportunities to find a good job, many people come to Beijing causing over population in Beijing. This issue appears globally because in many locations, the location cannot sustain such a huge amount of people, so the location is overpopulated, for example Karachi in Pakistan, Mumbai in India, Istanbul in turkey. These are all major cities and are all overpopulated. Beijing's overpopulation issue is also linked to the UN goal of: sustainable cities and communities. Because Beijing, due to its overpopulation, is not a sustainable city and therefore, did not reach the UN goal of: Sustainable cities and communities. Other places in China also have the issue of overpopulation all because of a high chance to find a job, for example, Guangzhou and Shanghai are also one of the major cities in china that is overpopulated because they are all cities that are economically developed and a city where there is a high chance to find job. In china, normally overpopulation is caused by large amount of people rushing to a location to find a job This is also…show more content…
This method is the most efficient way to get people out of Beijing to reduce the overpopulation in Beijing. However, this method has one major disadvantage. Because these people are sent out of Beijing, they might not be able to return to Beijing or forced to live very far away causing coming to Beijing and big issue to them. This might also create issue to them because if they must live very far away. Despite you can add special routes for them, they will still have time issues which might affect their job which will cause many other issues for the people that would have a huge impact over their

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