Essay On Growing Population

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The issue of Growing Population “Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today.” (Jacques Yves Cousteau). What he means in this quote is simply more people create more problems in this word. Overpopulation alone can cause many complications like poverty, world hunger, lower the standard of living, cause a growing unemployment rate and drain the planet of its natural resources. These are all problems on their own but if traced back far enough can all lead to overpopulation. This issue isn't the same for everyone. For example, an American teenager who has eight people living in one house might seem like a lot for people of American culture, but a family in India might have the same amount of people living in one house and in that culture that is normal or even considered a small size for a family in a house.…show more content…
After World War II population has almost tripled. This took a hit on the globe's natural resources. At the beginning of the 20th century the US started the century with around 50 million people in the country. Towards the start of the 21st century the US alone had 250 million people living in the country. The US of course was not the only country that took a hit in population growth. China started the 20th century off with around 300 million people living in the country. Today China has a population of around of around one billion. Overpopulation is not the same for everyone. In other words, some people think that just because they don't experience overpopulation, it doesn't exist. The problem does not fully stand on there being too much
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