Problems In Learning English Literature

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Literature Review: A number of studies have been conducted in which the researchers argue that many ESL students face difficulties in learning English language at various levels and with different skills (e.g. McCardle and Hoff, [15] Hoffman, [10]). Other examples are Abdul Haq (1982), Harrison, Prator and Tucker (1975), Abbad (1988) and Wahba (1998). But, we hardly come across with the researches that cite the problems that Arab students face in learning English literature. Al Shumaimeri (2003) opined that “Teachers have pointed out that students leave the secondary stage without the ability to carry out a short conversation”. This expression indicates that the students are not proficient in English language even after studying the subject…show more content…
Our experience as teacher of English as a foreign language in the Bisha University of Saudi Arabia leads us to believe that the condition here is inauspicious because the children start learning English in grade four (primary class) which is very late. After that English language departments of university accept high school graduates without taking into consideration their proficiency level and whether or not they will be able to manage. Having insufficient knowledge of English language when they join university and opt English language and literature as their main subject then it appears like a monster to them. Because of this they commit mistakes in the basic things of the language. For example, they often do error in recognizing the difference between noun and noun phrase, verb and verb phrase, verb formation, tense, subject and verb agreement etc. We notice error in tense in five categories: tense sequence, tense substitutions, tense marker, deletion, and confusion of perfect…show more content…
Most studies conducted by Mukattash (1983), Suleiman (1983), Zughoul (1983; 1987), and Ibrahim (1983) noted that Arab students’ problems in learning English usually spring from the following reasons: a) school graduates have lack of information regarding the university or college they enrolled in; b) there is deficiency in the English language curricula offered by some schools and universities; c) dreadful teaching methodology; d) problems with proper language environments; and e) lack of personal impetus on the part of the

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