Behaviorist Approach In Psychology

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Behaviorism The behaviorist approach is the only theory thus far that have really convinced me the most, partially because it is the closest theory so far that is applicable to psychological science. Behaviorism is an approached used to describe the relationship between mind and behavior. Behavior is the physical/public representation for the third-person, while the mind is an overt/ private to self only. With this approach, people should be able to guess what is going on in someone else’s mind based on the person’s behavior about a condition or stimulus. I partially agree with this theory because as human being, we assess and evaluate the people around us based on their behaviors, then make a plausible guess about if we think someone is having…show more content…
As we saw in the example above, sometimes if not most of the time, we simply guess wrong. That is because we cannot truly know what is in someone’s mind unless they decide to disclose that information to the third-party. Behavior can be deceptive of our mind. Example, they are some people that are skilled at lying and are able to lie without their behavior revealing their mind. Another example is when someone commit suicide but even their closest family members are unaware of their loved one’s mind. The last example of behavior being deceptive of the mind is when people don’t tell you the truth in hopes of not hurting your feelings. A lot of us do all this thing either consciously or subconsciously which forms a routine. This is phenomenon is known as behavioral pattern. “Mental items not refer to private, in an episode, but publicly-accessible behaviors (Behavior Parton) and all this position to admit such Behavior. And behavior is taken to be bodily events and conditions that are publicly observable and that do not give their rice today kind of first person happy did epidemic…show more content…
It also states that every minute for psychological expression can be defined in terms of Behavioral and physical Expressions, that is, those referring to behavioral and physical phenomena. These statements show the beginning of modern science in philosophy. This is extremely important because if every meaningful psychological expression can be explained through physical and behavioral events, that means the mind can be explained to

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