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6.1 Recommendations Following recommendation s are suggested to overcome the problems and improve the performance of company in general. Although Mobilink is performing well, there are certain areas where they need improvement. During my internship, I observed that Mobilink can achieve more success if they: 1. Coverage in Kohat Mobilink is loosing a lot of its preferred and potential customers because of poor coverage in Kohat. To get over this weakness Mobilink has to increase-the number of cell sites. By increasing the number of cell sites Mobilink will gain more customers and would be able to keep its existing customers happy. 2. Reduce the Load on Network To reduce the load on network, first thing Mobilink needs to do is to slop selling…show more content…
If the function is not performing property, gel it fixed or replaced. 3. Product Availability Mobilink is losing lot of its preferred and potential customers because of lack of product availability. To get over this weakness Mobilink have to expand their equipment so they can offer more connections. 4. Enhance Billing There is a need for Mobilink to set up a platform for automatic payments deducted from their Bank account or by charging their credit cards monthly. Mobilink also needs to offer the service to the customer online where they have the option to make payment for their bill on their leisure. Most of the time customer complains for being over billed. Even though Mobilink has been awarded ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification for Billing and Engineering departments. There is interface problem between switch and billing system, by overcoming that they will attain maximum customer satisfaction. Presently, there is a lack of coordination because of which customers suffers as their numbers remain blocked even after they have paid. Similarly, sometimes the number is unblocked even when it is much beyond its credit…show more content…
Mobilink should have the open door policy for their employees working at franchises for their suggestions to improve the quality of customer service because they are the one who interact with customers. It can be done by arranging monthly meetings with their staff by using video conferencing over the net or over telephone lines, training using cable TV network or in person. There should be internal training programs and there should be more coordination between different departments. This will reduce mistakes on all levels and will increase employee motivation to

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