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Part of the answer to the meaning of life is made up the systematic effort in clarifying what is virtually meant by what is life. Many psychologists will evaluate people’s meaning of life from a critical point, but in the search for its meaning, significance or importance are synonyms that could be used. The work of Victor Frank, “Man’s Search for Meaning’” plays a vital role in giving what is seen as a credible answer to the meaning of life. Many definitions of the meaning of life are centered on the positive ultimate value that individuals exhibit. This means that many of these definitions are pegged on the substance of the individual rather than the individual self. On the other hand, it is a reality that it is the character of man that…show more content…
Optimism was one character that helped many in the concentration camp in dealing with challenges. Like him, many in the camp had lost loved ones, property and what they considered as normal lives. It is from this that he developed legotherapy which, unlike psychoanalysis requires one’s egotism and introspection to unmask the foundation of their neurosis. This method tries to take an individual out of themselves to be able to analyze their character. Despite that, his circumstances we different, this method is used in modern psychology. But does legotherapy define the meaning of…show more content…
The greater purpose is the force greater than the individual, the supernatural. It is believed from some quarters that the meaning, purpose and justification of life is to fulfill the expectations of the supernatural. Biblically, this is justified from a passage that says ‘life is “Meaningless! Meaningless! ...Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” This is supported by the status of the author who is said to have ‘everything’; wealth, food and wine, many women, wisdom than any other man that lived among others and yet did not find meaning in

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