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II. Problem and Its Importance The research problem is based on the question: how does the Spanish language interfere in the English written production done by students in the course Written Communication III at the Paraiso Campus of the University of Costa Rica? From the foregoing, it is intended to assess and get results on the possible consequences of using structures of the Spanish language in the English written production and how the interference of the native language affects either positively or negatively on the student writing proficiency. The problem that arises is an opportunity to assess different and precise criteria about the interference of the Spanish language in the written production of the English Teaching major. In addition,…show more content…
Learners who study a second language, English in this case, usually have an interference of their native language, in this case, Spanish. That interference can affect the way those learners write because people tend to use their native language structure into their target language. According to Susan M. Grass and Larry Selinker, “a distinction … that is commonly made in literature is between positive transfer (also known as facilitation) and negative transfer (also known as interference)” (2008, p. 94). Regrettably, scholars often have a negative transfer and that tendency affects their development in…show more content…
One example of a common mistake regarding this issue is that in Spanish, questions do not have an auxiliary at the beginning such as "do" or "does" in English. In Spanish people say “¿Te gusta bailar?” while in English people may say “Do you like dancing?” As a result, when students try to write that question in English they may write “you like dance?” they are actually making the statement into questions just by adding a question

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