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Hiring for the position of a probation officer is not a simple task, especially if the pool of candidates has no prior experience in the field. However, the need for probation officers is not diminishing and requires us to hire individuals new to the job. Just because someone has never worked in the position before does not mean they will be a poor worker. Through the correct hiring process great probation officers can be found and help the corrections community. Experiences that would be ideal for a candidate to have would be, management at a prior job with a positive reference. This would show the individual’s ability to be in charge of others and show leadership. Work with school programs, big brother/big sister programs, or other programs that reach out to youth would also be ideal. These would show the ability to work with others in difficult situations and patience to deal with youth. Many offenders may not have a high education level and still have a thinking process that is at a lower level. Having probation officers who have worked with children and/or adolescents would mean having probation officers who have a better understanding…show more content…
These education and knowledge in these areas would be the best for a probation officer, because the officer would already have an understanding of how individuals work and knowledge of thinking processes. These educations are geared to help understand how people operate and how to help other people. Also, those who are in one of these educational fields would probably have a legitimate interest to learn about probationers in a hands-on way. Being a probation officer may not be their ideal job because of the workload, pay, or another reason, but it would still contain some amount of interest for individuals with these types of educational background and previous

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