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Ancient Egyptian Medicine The Ancient Egyptians have provided modern historians with a great deal of knowledge and evidence about their attitude towards medicine . This evidence has come from the several papyruses found in archaeological searches. Some of the beliefs of the Egyptians were based on myths and legend. However, their knowledge was also based on an increasing knowledge of the human anatomy and plain commonsense. In addition to that, Egyptian doctors were called after by kings and queens from distant lands because they were considered as the best in the world in their time. • Diagnosis: Egyptian doctors were known to have identified and documented hundreds of different illnesses. These covered every part of the body and included…show more content…
Basic surgery, meaning procedures near the surface of the skin, was a common and well learnt skill. They knew how to stitch wounds successfully. On the contrary, they had never performed surgeries deep inside the body. They used to have only antiseptics (sanitizers). Performing a surgery deep inside the body was nearly impossible in that time. They had superb bandages, and would bind some plant products, like willow leaves, into the bandages for the cure of inflammation. Surgeons had a collection of instruments, such as pincers, forceps, spoons, saws, containers with burning incense, hooks and…show more content…
Luck and disaster were caused by angry spiritual beings or evil forces. They believed that if diseases and physical and mental disorders were partly caused by supernatural forces, then magic and religion were required to deal with them and treat people. Some treatments used herbs that looked similar to the disorder they were treating, this is known as simila similibus (similar with similar). This practice existed even in modern alternative medicine (homeopathy, treating like with like). Medicine and Ancient Greece Ancient Greece, just like Ancient Egypt, had a big role in the medical history. The most famous doctor in Ancient Greece was Hippocrates. Ancient Greece was evolving in all areas such as trade, farming, warfare, sailing, craftsmanship etc. by 1200 B.C. Therefore, their knowledge about medicine evolved as well. •

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