Parole Officer Vs Probation Officer

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The Roles of the Probation Officer and Parole Officer are very similar. Both roles are challenged with supervising or “keeping up” with offenders that have come through the criminal justice system however, what sets these two positions apart is the point of which interaction occurs with the offenders. Probation Officers tend to have the initial contact with an offender during the process of pre-trial sentencing. The Parole Officers are involved with offenders after they have been sentenced and have been released from prison due to a reduced sentence with conditions. The Probation Officer has the important job of preparing a report from their presentence investigation that helps the judge decided whether probation is even something that can be offered on the table. The report is very thorough and included information such as a clear understanding of the offense, the criminal history of the defendant, a snapshot into the defendant’s lifestyle, employment, finances, and contribution to the community. The judge then has to make a decision on whether…show more content…
A parolee can go in front of a parole panel at least 1/3 into their sentence. At the parole hearing it is determined whether or not the offender has been a model prisoner and several other things are considered during this time. If the offender is successful, parole is award with conditions. Some of the conditions may be that they offender has to into a work release program, submit to random drug test, not leave the state lines without permission and other stipulations. All of these things have to be monitored and check by a Parole Officer. The Parole Officer can be the determining factor if they witness a violation of the terms and conditions and can be instrumental in the return of the offender back to into Criminal Justice

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