California Highway Patrol Ethics

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Being one of the most professional Law Enforcement Agencies out there, the paramilitary based California Highway Patrol (CHP) is unquestionably a career that involves a lot of risks/commitments that many other people with different careers would not be willing to sacrifice themselves for. Being a part of the CHP can be as simple as writing a citation to a driver for speeding, to responding to a call of an officer down. The CHP requires more commitment than any other job out there being that you’re obligated have a very high level of patience, tenacity, and maturity because of how long the process is to obtain the job. The beginning process of working in the CHP involves going to a brutal twenty seven week, one thousand one hundred hour training…show more content…
All officers must understand all the different ethical practices such as how to have respect for others, treating each individual they come across fairly, providing support to fellow officers, and maintaining professionalism while on duty. According to the California Highway Patrol, they believe all officers should maintain a “calm, courteous, professional, and respectful manner in order to establish and maintain the highest standards of integrity, courage, dedication, loyalty, and respect.” Many other requirements include having good vision, being 20-35 years of age before applying, have good health, no past felony convictions, and must be permanently residing in the United States. Many Law Enforcement careers require a High school diploma, but the CHP highly desires an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, along with advanced skills in English and computer skills, and or advanced skill in Sociology or Psychology. The CHP also prefers those who are physically fit, and if not, are recommended to train a month prior to the arrival at the academy. Training exercises include performing several sets of push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches. Also another great alternative to train for the academy is to build up stamina by running 2-3 miles each…show more content…
On the CHP website, according to Officer Carlo Marzocca, he believes that “It's a great job, stressful at times, but fun. You'll make friends for life. But you have to be mentally prepared to handle all aspects of the job. Be strong willed with good character, and be honest and fair. Go home each day and be proud of what you do”. On another interview, Officer Elizabeth Arbogast states, “Always be honest and truthful; nothing will hurt you more than a lie. Be kind to people you meet on the road while giving a ticket or taking a collision or making an arrest; this might be the most traumatic thing in their life”. Many CHP officers have different viewpoints on how the job is, but most have a common message to those who want to become a CHP officer in the future; the procedure is long, but undeniably worth it. The CHP believes that people who tend to come to a career like this are those who are from the military, have a past law enforcement job in another department, or just those who always dream of becoming a police

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