Lottery, Without Title And Grandmother

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Traditions change throughout time and people change in a way their tradition affect their way of living. In the 3 text Lottery, Without Title and Grandmother. These stories or poem give a message to the reader that traditions change but in a bad way. People forget many things but they forget so much it affects the way people are. In the story the Lottery it shows us how their traditions have changed not in a good way but a bad one. For example, Tessie knows what they're doing is wrong and things were different then before. This is like the poem Without title is shows how things changed like how the father works at the packing house instead of hunting buffalo. Well in the Lottery Tessie won and tries to fight “I tell you it wasn’t fair” (33). In the Lottery Tessie was the winner trying to fight got her nowhere everyone grabbed stones as the winner tries to run.…show more content…
The father has hunted buffalo for a living but know works at the packing house to bring the meat to the table. “It’s hard enough without the buffalo” (39) the son sees what his father goes through missing hunting buffalo. As he sees his father going through that he tries his best to remember the pass when his father use to hunt buffalo and wants to keep the tradition with him. Hunting buffaloes was something that the father enjoyed doing for his family but that tradition is long gone. The story Grandmother tells use how Ching's father had gone through a lot in his life and the changes and challenges he went through. “Ching's father had left home when he was fifteen” (183). Chig's father didn't think the way his mother was treating him was right. He also wanted to go to a better school . A school where the can get an education and attend to. This is just like the Lottery, Everything changes throughout time . Chig's father had finally gone back home where his mother had been after so many years

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