My Passion For Leadership

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Since my childhood, I have had the passion for leadership. I strongly believe leadership is serving and helping others to achieve their full potential. I have always exemplified this in every environment I found myself. As a youth growing up in Liberia, I served in many leadership positions in my school and church. In 2001, I was granted a leadership scholarship by the Lutheran Church in America to study at Waldorf College, in Forest City, Iowa. During this time Liberia was in a bloody civil war that lasted for about eleven years. While I was in school, the civil war continued raging on in my country, Liberia. Therefore, I applied for asylum to remain in the United States after my graduation. My application was granted. Upon my graduation from Waldorf College I moved to Minnesota to pursue a graduate study at the Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After about nine years living in the United States; I became a naturalized citizen. As a citizen, I began to wonder how can I use my leadership passion, and the education I have acquired to contribute to the United States, the country that has rescued me and gave me many opportunities to better myself and my family. I decided to join the US Army. Upon arriving at this…show more content…
As an officer, society expect me to do my part to fulfill these responsibilities. In doing my part, society expect me to be trustworthy, loyal, ethical, disciplined, respectful, and proficient. I am expected to be honest and always tell the truth no matter the consequences. I am expected to be loyal to my superiors, peers, subordinates, and the United States of America. Society expect me to act in way in accordance with the values of the American Society. I need to be disciplined and exhibit integrity and honor at all times and treat people with

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