What Is The Mood Of Beauty And The Beast By Leprince De Beamont

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Beauty and the Beast, a 1956 traditional fairytale written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beamont, was one of the first films of that time that combined sound, image, and music in the most phenomenal way. Apart from dialogue and sound effects, sound and rhythm serve as an important function in telling the story of Beauty and the Beast, by underlining the drama in the given scene or sequence. Sound functioned as a storytelling device by characterizing and revealing thoughts and feelings of a given character. The first time sound portrays someones character is when the song “Belle” plays at the beginning of the film. The townsfolk sing, “Look there she goes that girl is peculiar. I wonder if shes feeling well. With a dreamy, far off look. And her nose stuck in that book. What a puzzle to the rest of us in Belle.” The films first song is an operetta-style musical that introduces the films hero, Belle. The song portrays Belle to be someone who is a beautiful, non-conforming women who has grown sick of the provincial village life that she is forced to live. Another key function of sound is establishing a mood or…show more content…
Soon after the Beast saves Belle from the wolf attack, the song “Something Here” begins to play. This is the first small hint that their relationship is beginning to blossom into a friendship, and the audience begin to feel a sense of romanticism as well. The song strongly emphasizes that Belle and the Beast are beginning to fall in love. They are realizing that maybe there was something absent in the beginning that caused them to clash, but now there is “something” that is causing the love to flow. Belle sings, “There’s something sweet, and almost kind. But he was mean and he was course and unrefined. But now he's dear, and so unsure. I wonder why I didn’t see it there

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