Juvenile Probation Officer

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"Probation and other forms of community treatment generally refer to non-punitive legal dispositions for delinquent youths, emphasizing treatment without incarceration" (Siegel & Welsh,2011, p. 384). It is important for probation officers to control youths to an extent. I do not think that probation officers should necessarily take the surveillance and control of youths on by themselves. It is important that probation officers, the juvenile court system, counselors, and families all share a part in helping to control and have surveillance on young juvenile offenders. Probation officers are trained professionals that are greatly involved with all four stages of the court processes for juvenile offenders. Probation officers have to closely supervisor…show more content…
I think it's important for probation officers to focus more on providing guidance and assistance for these youths. Probation officers have a lot of influence on what punishment or treatments they think a juvenile offender should receive. Probation officers also talk with the child and their families to see what is best for the child at that point in time. As far the control and surveillance of youths regarding probation officers, it's important for probation officers and families to keep the juvenile offenders on a tight leash. I say this because if the juvenile offender is given free reign they are more likely to go back to doing drugs, committing crimes, or being negatively influenced again by their peers and environmental influences because there is no one there to keep them going down the right path. There must be a balance of both because probation officers are there to guide offenders and offer them the right treatment plan or facilities and programs that is right for them. So they stay out of trouble and continue to get help. Then they also need to be strict and on top of what juvenile offenders are doing or the juveniles will become out of control and start to get into trouble again, and no one wants
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