The Rich And The Poor In Ancient Rome

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Introduction The rich verses the poor is a rather drawn out story that appears over and over in human history. In Ancient Rome this was no different. The poor, called the plebeians, and the rich, called patricians, were always looking at each other with hate. The plebeians only wanted freedom and equality with the rich and the patricians wanted to make sure that they held the power and wealth away from the poor. Those who want power must be able to kill and those who want freedom must be able to give up their own lives. So it was the political and economic differences that led the plebeians to a revolt that would later be there victory, but not without bloodshed. Economical Patricians were rich by birth right that was just the way it was.…show more content…
Well in due time the plebs did revolt. With the laws in place and the power heavily swayed towards the patrician’s side; it seemed that the plebs would never be free from oppression. Except for the final error the patricians soon found out. When they needed an army to help defend Rome, they needed the help from the plebs. "Since the patricians needed the physical bodies of the plebeians as fighting men, the plebeian secession was a serious problem (Gill, n.d.)." The plebs decided they would leave the army and head to the Sacred Mount where they fortified themselves. There they threatened they would make a new city if the patricians would not listen to them. The patricians had no choice but to listen and obey the demands of the plebs. The two main demands was: first that they would release the slaves and second they would be allowed to have tribunes (citizen officers). "These new officers were given the power to “veto”—that is, to forbid—the act of any magistrate which bore unjustly upon any citizen (Morey, n.d.)." They were also immune to any patrician office from interfering. This gave the plebs back their freedom and their

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