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The entry level one for the probation officer position is basic level assigned which involves the supervision of probationers, parolees and inmates as part of a one-year training program. Officers at this entry level are responsible for applying the proper laws and procedures to the inmates and assessing the needs of offenders by providing appropriate treatment and program services. The minimum requirements to fill this position are to have graduated from an accredited four year college or university. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid California class C or B driver’s license, and meet state mandated core training before you are permitted to serve. New applicants are subject to drug testing and must have one year of experience…show more content…
Besides the requirements one must meet, the necessary skills to perform properly in this job industry. For example, it is important that officers are able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. As a Probation Officer you will be in the courts working with a heavy load of paperwork and it is important that it is clear what you are trying to communicate and be able to read what you write. Other examples of great skills for this position are people skills, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and identifying the problem. There are many more skills that are necessary yet important to apply in this kind of job. The probation officer's role is to ensure that the offender abides by the courts terms and help rehabilitate the offender. The goal is to help these individuals by becoming a productive, law and abiding citizen. The rehabilitative condition of their job usually includes finding forms of constructive jobs, accredited schools or community activities. Probation officers are also responsible to accurately observe, evaluate and document group behavior as well as demonstrate practice principles associated with this…show more content…
Officers must meet court deadlines that contribute to heavy workloads and lots of paperwork. Even though the officers work full time, the demand of this job may lead to working long hours. Gladly this job offers great benefits. Since probation officers are government employees they are entitled to very competitive benefits. For example, paid vacation (vacation leave of 15 hours per month with an accrual rate increase based on time served) Sick leave, pension, health, dental and numerous opportunities for training and promotion. You are also entitled to life insurance and offered retirement programs with a wide variety of investment

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