Becoming A Probation Officer Essay

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How to become a probation officer? Meta Description: How to become a Probation Officer? Learn all educational requirements, training and other related information to become a Probation officer. Probation officers play an important role in directing an individual's life to a better future. Offenders who are released from detention need to be kept under strong supervision. For this purpose, professionals need to have continuous interaction with suspects and study their behavioral changes. Therefore, landing this job profile of probation officers need extensive education and training. The following section discusses steps of becoming a Probation officer. Steps of Becoming a Probation Officer: Step 1: Complete Education Requisites: All aspiring candidates need to earn a Bachelor's degree as the minimum requirement for this profile. Every University has different course structure and subject combinations offered in graduate degree programs. However, Social Work and Criminal Justice are two important subjects that need to be offered by all colleges or institutes. For the type of service they render to the Judiciary system of States and the…show more content…
Fresh graduate students are not hired by employers without any relevant work experience. Therefore, students can approach various centers involved in social work activities, counseling cells etc. Criminal investigation centers also provide internship programs for interested candidates. However, gaining these work experiences do not replace on job training requirements. Every selected candidate undergoes minimum on job training that may last for 6 months to one year. Juvenile criminal case investigation or dealing with core criminal gangs require sufficient exposure to these cases under supervisors. Therefore, undergoing training in these sectors may require more than a year of on job training

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