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Clinical supervision is a core component of the counseling profession. In all Master’s programs, counselors in training receive supervision that continues into a their professional careers. The supervisory experience can be positive or negative, providing a productive learning environment, or forcing the counselor to become more active in the process. Both sides are valuable in the counselor’s professional development. As I am beginning to learn about the supervisory role, I want to explore approaches, be aware of my areas of competence and personal style, and be reflective in my learning experience to become a helpful supervisor. Theoretical Models and Methods of Supervision As a future clinical supervisor, adopting a theoretical model…show more content…
Based on Border’s and Liddick’s (1987) Self Assessment of Supervisor-Related Knowledge and Skills, I am beginning to recognize my skilled areas and ones where I need improvement in a supervisory setting. Particularly, I score much lower on my teaching and consulting skills because of my lack of experience in these areas. I would like to effectively instruct my supervisee’s, but also explore more abstract and complicated concepts. Although I like to think I am able to investigate these types of situations, to initiate the discussion and help a supervisee explore these topics would be difficult. Conversely, I am much more comfortable using my research skills. These skills, such as making observations and hypothesis, gathering data, and testing these hypotheses can be helpful to conceptualize cases and help my supervisee’s. Although I utilize these research skills myself, I need more expertise in teaching these skills to a supervisee. Counseling skills are often utilized to build a trusting supervisory relationship. I feel I have confidence in the skills I have developed so far, but there is always room for improvement. I am comfortable using facilitative and challenging skills and have knowledge of the various facets of a counseling session to be able to use these skills with a supervisee. However, I am less confident in my expertise in techniques…show more content…
As a white, middle-class, woman, I can understand how my privilege and how that may affect a supervisory relationship with different people. By addressing these multicultural issues early on, I think that a supervisee will feel more comfortable that I am aware of the differences, but will not let those affect the relationship. Especially for supervisee’s in minority categories, I feel that addressing these issues will help create a more constructive and trusting relationship. I am also aware that I am a woman, and may be supervising men. I need to explore how this identity may impact my supervisory style when working with men, and

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