Privacy In Social Media

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Sharing personal information about your life and connecting with other people is intrinsic to using social media, and it has become an integral part of how modern society interacts with each other. While people of all ages have embraced this new form of digital socializing, young people are found to use it the most and it has become an overwhelmingly essential aspect of their daily lives, as the majority of teens post details of their life on social media multiple times throughout each day (Hinduja & Patchin, 2015). In fact, many teens post so much of their life on line that older generations tend to characterize their constant use of technology as pathological and problematic, inferring that this new digital way of life that adolescents have embraced has opened the door to a new world of dangers, and it is putting teens at a higher risk for encountering harm (Agosto & Abbas, 2017; Finkelhor, 2014; Harris, 2010). This growing concern over youth’s online safety and their over-sharing of information has become so wide-spread that the term “technopanic” (Marwick, 2008) has now become a common expression in the academic literature (Agosto & Abbas, 2017; Harris, 2010). However, does this panic perspective that adults have towards teens’ online privacy and safety line up with the actual experiences that adolescents are having online?
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