How Does Social Media Use Soma In Brave New World

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Brave New World In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, parallels between 1932 to present day become apparent as the story unfolds. Taking on a totalitarian reign, this dystopian society keeps a jurisdictive handle on its’ citizens. The use of the drug soma keeps the people from seeing the wrongs of their society by calming them in a gentle sedated state. This is the strongest form of control in the dystopian society. The use of soma in Brave New World can be closely related to the use of any narcotics in the present day society. Most narcotics are used as an “escape” just as how soma is used in the novel. Another parallel in the novel is the lack of privacy. In Brave New World, privacy is uncommon. Everything is shared as a whole or not at all. Comparable to society today, social media takes over our privacy. We are able to share everything we do just by a click of a button.…show more content…
It is described as: “All the advantages of christianity and alcohol; none of their defects” (60). An example of soma use in the novel is the Solidarity Service. During the service they consume strawberry ice cream soma and a single soma tablet. After the consumption of the soma, all the people attending the service break out into euphoria and end the ceremony in group sexual conduct. The ceremony, under the influence of soma, is a parallel to how modern narcotics allow people to behave in such a way that is considered inappropriate. While intoxicated, one does not have right judgement and, or emotional stability as a sober person would. The similarities of soma and modern narcotics make a point of Brave New Worlds relevancy in today’s

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