1984 George Orwell Loss Of Privacy Analysis

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Are we constantly under surveillance? In today’s modern age it is mediocre to say that you are always alone and can go anywhere without constantly being watched, tracked, listened to, and analyzed. Ideally, identities and information are open to all government access. A line of privacy that should not be crossed has now been crossed. The society of George Orwell’s “1984” has become a parallel to society today as government surveillance is a replica of Orwell’s ideas of a dystopian society through security cameras and audio, computers, and social media and the internet. Similarly to Orwell’s novel, the technological advancements of surveillance cameras and audio today have brought a theory to a reality. Today police now have the technology and…show more content…
Today, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter requests personal information, and is then stored which raises ethical concerns and suspicions. In Orwell’s novel, Big Brother was able to watch a person’s every move through telescreens, which can be related to computers today. In this day and age, government officials are able to watch a person’s every appellation through social media. Social media has become a gate way that shatters the fine line between the public’s privacy as there are 500 words a user is unable to say unless being flagged by Homeland Security (The Government). Social Media sites are able to build and store profiles of any users; whether it is by tracking viewed websites, storing information associated with certain websites, tracking the movements from one website to another, and building a profile of the user (Fact Sheet). This can be associated with Orwell’s Big Brother as they are always watching (Orwell 2). As social media becomes more prominent, privacy concerns become more alarming. Teens today reveal a majority of their personal information on social media sites, which allows “companies using he sites to collect marketing information; and children under the age of 14 using social networks” (A Privacy). In return “the consequences for every act are included in the act itself” (Orwell 27). There is also a surveillance program that has recently been enacted, and anything that is posted on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be reviewed by the government. Words that relate to “domestic security, HAZMAT, health concern, Southwest border violence, federal agencies, terrorism, weather/disaster/emergency, cybersecurity and Infrastructure security” are all on a watch-list that allows the post to get flagged and is then shared with government agencies (The

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