Essay On Conflict In A War Zone

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To what extent does conflict in a war zone affect the development of children? War does a lot of things: it destroys economies, destroys land, ruins relations, but there is also a problem which the global news seem to skip, the welfare of the children in our society1 who need to develop but cannot reach their full potential2 due to the constant fear of getting killed. Children who do grow up in a war zone can struggle enormously during these times. This is because they can be caught in crossfire, they might have their homes shattered in pieces due to bombs and other horrific reasons. In crossfire all around the world, normally about half of the civilians in that area are children. According to a UNICEF, eighteen million children have grown up in war zones, with two million which have died, six million have been disabled for their whole lives and one million have become orphans. All of these children grow up to be adults with stress problems because of living in a war zone.3 Even…show more content…
Many things can happen because of this burden of a horrible background hanging on their shoulders. Things like depression, which in Northern Uganda 34% of the cases lead to suicide. Children also get influenced by the environment around them and therefore they can become more violent and aggressive in their later life. Making it harder to cope with personal conflicts with friends or family because they never learnt how to resolve conflict peacefully. Several things can be done to help the children in need. First of all a few big organisations need a permanent committee for the children in war to discuss what is happening. These committees can create different ways of educating people in the world as many do not know what exactly is happening in these countries with conflict and the effects on children and other people. This may be done through TV shows or documentaries or even just

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