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Cyber technology broadly refers to computer technology that involves the Internet. Cyber technology has become greatly embedded into our everyday lives. The cell phone is one prime example of how globalized and deeply penetrated cyber technology has become. Individuals of all backgrounds own cell phones and a significant gap has now been bridged as we are able to communicate faster and more efficiently to persons on other sides of the world. In a study done by Pew Research Centre, Poushter, 2016 showed the rise in internet and smartphone usage between 2013 and 2015. A median of 54% across developing countries reported using internet or owning a smartphone in 2015 as opposed to the reported 45% in 2013. Cyber technology has replaced many outlets…show more content…
In the workplace, there are several cases where employers monitor their employees and their computer usage including the reading of emails. Companies often justify this by claiming that they are ensuring that their employees are not using the computers and internet for personal reasons. However, the thought of constantly being watched is an uncomfortable one and this can be considered to be a breach of the employees’ privacy. There are also concerns with the increasing use of frequent-shopper cards in stores that allows customers to receive discounts after they sign up for the card by providing some personal information like name, address and telephone number. The card has a computer chip in it that stores the personal information of the customer. Putting private information on social media is a growing issue in this age of cyber technology, as well. The array of pictures and personal posts we share to the public is simply a playing field for hackers and trolls. Catfishing, one of the results of oversharing online, is a term synonymous with identity theft whereby someone creates a new identity on social media by using another person’s pictures and tries to lure people into an online

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