Characteristics Of Machilus Macrantha

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In Ayurveda it is considered as no plant present on Earth which isn’t having medicinal properties. (नास्ती मुलं अनौषधीम...). This short communication helps in making count of Machilus macrantha. The Machilus macrantha is a large flowered evergreen tree, genus Machilus, extensively spread in South-East Asia, including more than 90 species of Lauraceae family. There are other species which are precious viz. Machilus bombycina, Machilus dubia, Machilus duthiei, Machilus edulis, Machilus gamblie, Machilus gammieana, Machilus glabosa, Machilus odoratissima, Machilus parviflora, Machilus villosa. [3-6] It is also known as Golum, Pisara, Kurma (Marathi), Gulmavu, Chittutandrimara (Kannada), Kollamavu, Anaikkuru (Tamil), and Uravu (Malayalam) [4]…show more content…
Machilus macrantha Nees, Machilus glaucescens Wight (Family-Lauraceae). It is up to 27-30 m tall tree and 3 m in girth with cylindrical bole up to 7.5 m long (Fig 1). The leaves are simple, alternate, spiral; lamina obovate or elliptic to ellipticoblong; apex rounded or acuminate or acute; base acute to rounded with entire margin. It is indigenous to Western Ghats of India and Sri Lanka. . [3-6] (Ref Persea macrantha (Nees) Kosterm. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal ( show/…show more content…
[3-5, 9, 10]. The use of bark of this plant is reported to be effective in bone fracture treatment [7-8] . In PHARMACOGNOSTIC STUDY, Root was found externally cylindrical, yellowish brown to buff, aromatic, having longitudinal wrinkles with rootlet scars. Internally, a ample numbers of cork cells, phelloderm (more than 6 layers) with lignified stone cells filled with dark reddish-brown matter, starch grains, mucilaginous matter, yellow oil cells (in cortex phloem), xylem parenchyma, pericycle include stone cells of narrow lumen.

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