Pre-Service Teacher Attitude

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Attitude of pre-service teachers in teaching with technology Attitude shows the ability to predict a person’s behavior towards certain targets. It is use determine positive or negative result of an action and level of agreement towards an “object, person, or event” (Ajzen & Fishbein, 1980). In technology context, Rogers (1995) defined attitude as a response of individual either to utilize or adopt any new technology innovation within the social context based on the following characteristics: relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability and observability. According to Albirini, (2004) & Saltan, (2015), attitude of the teachers towards technology are a key factors of ICT use and successful implementation of technology in curricula.…show more content…
(2008) explored the influenced of perceived usefulness, and perceived ease of use, job relevance, and computer compatibility as constructs to determine computer attitude. This study revealed that teachers who felt ease in using computer usually have positive outlook on usefulness of technology in teaching. Likewise, the compatibility with computers could motivate teachers to deepen understanding and knowledge about computer operations. Moreover, the positive beliefs on the relevance of computer in teaching jobs will determine the actual use of computer in the future jobs. Thus, implied teachers need to change their attitude from passive user to active designers of technology for them to be able to integrate technology into teaching (Chien, et al., 2012). Positive attitude of the student teachers towards ICT as a tool for teaching and learning related to the perceived outlook on technology. Thus, student teachers’ should not only learn ICT theoretically but develop mastery of skills and appropriate application for them to develop positive attitude towards ICT as a tool for teaching and learning (Sammendrag,…show more content…
The study indicated that teachers have a positive attitude toward ICT integration. They were found to have great interest in ICT integration, and very willing to pursue further professional development in effective use of ICT. The age of the teachers was found related to their ICT skills, and utilization; while gender was not significant predictor of attitudes, ICT skills, and utilization. The qualitative and quantitative research were recommended to confirm whether the teachers’ access to training is related to time, ICT course material, ICT infrastructures and facilities, and cost of ICT

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