Personal Narrative Essay: The Beauty Of A Dog

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When I got home I looked in the mirror unable to recognize the girl standing in front of me, she was too pretty, too perfect. She wasn’t me. I wore old ripped tattered jeans and worn out shoes and old hand-me-down shirts and a high ponytail because I was too lazy to do my hair in the morning, this girl was wearing pretty pink skirt, a bright white shirt, and heels that ached her feet, her hair was done in tight curls that were just like my friend Jane’s and her makeup, I couldn’t tell if it was even me with all of it on, I never wore nearly this much in the past. I grabbed my towel and and turned on the water. I stepped in and washed everything off, the makeup, everything, I hated what I was doing to myself but I did it so I wouldn’t lose my friend I’ve had since I was three. When I was done washing off I grabbed my towel and went to my room to find my clothes that had been thrown somewhere, I slipped on my jeans and a shirt with my old shoes I was getting ready to slip into my book and not want to return when I heard my dog bark to go outside. “Mom can you get the dog?” I yelled, I waited a minute and yelled again. “MOM?!” No response, that’s when I realized that nobody was home…show more content…
I decided enough was enough I had to confront her whether she liked it or not. But at the same time I didn’t want to say anything. I hadn’t been one to confront others, especially Jane, she acted like she was above all and nobody could beat her, but I knew I had…show more content…
Just as I was closing my eyes to take a short nap my phone buzzed. I’d gotten a text. From an unknown number. Unknown: Hey it’s Jane I got a new number because I figured you probably blocked mine, I wanted to know if you wanted to meet up maybe at the park I want to talk to you, and I’m sorry about

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