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Teachers are form human resource that facilitates the acquisition of requisite skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for the fulfillment education goals. For better education delivery, competence of teachers in ICT is imperative. Adopting ICT in teaching and learning by teachers is believed to highly improve their productivity in instructional duties as well as embracing technology in education. However, studies show that little information exists on determinants of ICT adoption in ECDE centers for its effective mainstreaming in instructional process. The purpose of this study was to investigate the determinants of ICT adoption for teaching and learning among rural and urban in ECDE schools in Kenya with particular focus on Kisumu County.…show more content…
Studies show that even for teachers who are positive about the potential benefit of technology in the classroom, many do not feel competent in their technical knowledge or computer literacy (Gulbaher & Guvan, 2008) Some report low level of teachers confidence , teachers reported feeling unprepared on how to use ICT in the classroom to support learning ( ibid). A part from that there is lack of dedicated time to training and experimenting with ICT, insufficient class length and curricular restraints ( ibid).This observation is in line with Rogers findings when he indicated that one of the main barriers to ICT implementation perceived by teachers in this study (Rogers,1995) is the mismatch between ICT and the existing curricula and the class – time frame. It is important to note that the introduction of ICT into education requires equal innovativeness in other aspects of education. Additionally, teachers who are technically competent in ICT do not necessarily have pedagogical ICT competence. It is important to note that both teachers pedagogical and technical competence is valuable- having an on- site technical support helps foster teachers enthusiasm for the use of ICT. Baylor and Ritchie (2002), further observes that “regardless of the amount of technology and its sophistication, technology will not be used unless teachers have the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to infuse it into the curriculum (p.

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