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This study seeks to address two research questions, the first being teachers‟ understanding of and attitudes towards multiculturalism. Interpreting the term refers to how or what one sees or perceives something, while the posture is the direction one believes or experiences about something and the way one behaves towards something that demonstrates how one experiences and remembers. Since the two terms are very closely related, discussions or references made to understanding will include attitudes as an intact portion of discernment or perception. The teacher's associated multiculturalism with learning about different civilizations and how significant it is to be aware and learn other cultures as easily. It too doles out with promoting peace,…show more content…
This evidences a great deal about the position of the instructors. Whether experienced or otherwise they are really open to the idea that whatever or however varied the cultures and beliefs are, there would always be room to improvise or to make use of the differences as a medium and the root of intercultural activities in the year. Trinity scholars, yet, reluctantly acknowledged that even though they constitute the thought of integrating multiculturalism a worthwhile and interesting activity in class, they were not actually certain how exactly they were to make the chances of…show more content…
Examples are different background history may cause tension not welcome by certain students, not adhering to the Islamic principles, less tolerant towards certain other cultures, different levels of language proficiency, therefore, different levels of understanding. Adapting to a different culture is never easy. It is very challenging, but beneficial in the long run. Although multiculturalism is a common issue in the world, it is not much stressed in teacher training programs. Teachers can become culturally sensitive and knowledgeable about second language acquisition, provide culturally responsive instruction and content that reflects central aspects of a culture and use highly motivating instructional materials. It is apparent that the participants find it agreeable for teachers to be

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