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INTRODUCTION: National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) Limited was formed on 6th November, 1998 and was initiated for commercial operation on 24th December, 1998. It was formulated to take over all the properties, rights and assets and liabilities of 220 KV and 500KV Grid Stations and Transmission Lines/Network retained by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). There are twelve 500 KV and twenty nine 220 KV Grid Stations, 5077 km of 500 KV transmission line and 7359 km of 220 KV transmission line operated and maintained by NTDC PAKISTAN. MAIN FUNCTIONS: Following are the main functions performed by NTDC. 1. Central Power Purchasing Agency 2. System Operator 3. Transmission Network Operator 4. Contract Registrar and…show more content…
When WAPDA was created in 1959,twelve years after independence the generation capacity had become about 119 MW. By that time country had entered the stage of development, which required a dependable and sold infrastructure, electricity being its most significant part. The power development task was launched by WAPDA by executing a number of hydal and thermal generation projects, along with matching transmission network and a distribution system, which could easily sustain the load of rapidly increasing demand of…show more content…
After first five years of its operation by 1964-65, the electricity generation capability had increased to 636 MW from 119 in 1959, and power generation to about 2,500 MKWH from 781 MKWH. Almost 609 villages had electricity supplied to them by 1959, increasing to 1882 in 1965. The rapid progress arised a new life to every field in Pakistan like social, technical and economic structures of the country, mechanized agriculture, industrialization etc.Also general living standards of common people improved. The task of accelerating the pace of power development gained speed and by 1970 generating capacity rose from 636 MW to 1331 MW with installation of a number of thermal and hydal power units in the country. In the year 1980 the system capacity increased to 3000 MW which rapidly rose to over 7000 MW in 1990-91. Now the total generation capacity from WAPDA's own hydal and thermal sources after completion of Chashma Hydro Power Plant plus generation from independent power procedures stands at 15764 MW. 2. INDEPENDENT POWER

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