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A psychology class within my school conducted a project to see students’ reaction to a person who was unconscious in the middle of the hallway. As one student, who was a part of the project, was screaming for help, students were not taking out their phones to call the police but to record. Is this what we have come to, recording other peoples’ pain for our entertainment? A kind and sympathetic attitude toward other people, especially when they are suffering is the denotation for humanity and as time progresses youth today become more inhumane. This is a scary reality due to the fact that as the future leaders of our nation, we only care about ourselves. One day as I was sitting in my social issues class, the topic of police brutality was introduced and to my surprise no one had any thoughts about it except for one other student and me. What shocked me even further was that my classmates expressed that they had to have empathized with the occurrences to be affected. They did not really care about the deaths of innocent people because it did not happen to them or anyone that they were close too. The…show more content…
Most of my peers, on the other hand, find technology as a distraction which overshadows human interaction. Statistics shows that ninety-two percent of teens go online daily to go on social media, play games or just surfing the web. For example, there are multiple websites with thousands of videos of fights that my peers express that they watch for a “good laugh”. This disconnects today’s youth from reality especially current violent video games. I vividly remember my nephews playing a game involving shooting and them killing each other. With every death, they laughed. This reveals that technology is numbing our emotions, decreasing the value of basic communication and human

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