How Did Egypt Affect Europe History

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Although Egypt's effect on European history dates back more than 5000 years, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it was still a impossible to understand and unknown place to Europeans. One reason was that Egypt was Muslim and Europe was Christian, and the poison produce by the Crusades and subsequent wars hindered open communication. Another reason was that most information of ancient Egyptian society had been lost some time before the Greeks settled the coast, so even though many people had seen the pyramids, temples, no one knew their origin or reason. Britain's main idea was in stabilizing the region, so the government move to support the Ottoman Empire, while British dealer tried to find business chance in the Nile Valley and…show more content…
In addition to completing the Suez Canal, he hired old-timer of the civil war in the United States to train his army, built more than a thousand miles of railroads, expand a deepwater port at Alexandria, support land reclamation and irrigation projects to create more farm land and paid Ottoman power in Constantinople to allow his son Tewfik to succeed him. Ismail also spent money to contract the Egyptian cotton industry. During the lack caused by the US Civil War, this attempt was successful, but once the war ended Egypt was left with an huge debt and reduce import earrings. import to refinance the debt only made things worse because service payment on foreign credit absorbed a large part of their value. In one example, Egypt received only £35 million from five credit worth £55 million, and because Egypt paid interest on the full value of the credit, the contractual interest rate of 7% turned into an successful rate that went as high as 20%. Although they made some continue in reducing the Egyptian debt, the spirit of stranger in the Egyptian government aggravated the nationalists. Their idea was extra help by abnormally

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