Persuasive Essay On Bullying

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Bullying is a major problem in schools. It can cause mental illnesses, depression, and even in the worst case, suicide. Statistics show that bullying has been increasing, so it is necessary that school bullies should be punished, so they will not act again. Bullies should simply be punished for their cruel and unwanted actions. In the first place, bullying is not something that students should experience and when they encounter being bullied bad things can definitely happen. To put it another way, the website article “Should bullies be punished?” states “Bullies should definitely be punished for the torment they cause. Bullying is more than just harmless fun and joking around, it has resulted in suicides in the worst case and at the best children feel alienated or depressed. Bullying is not okay and bullies should be punished for their actions. Taking action and punishing bullies is the only way to prevent and try to stop bullying before it leads to something horrible.”…show more content…
Bullying has gotten so bad that some parents are even working towards having bullies punished so they will learn their lesson. As stated in the book “Punishing Bullies: Zero Tolerance VS. Working Together” In the Zero Tolerance section in the book it states “The Department of Education also noted that many states are working to make bullying a crime. At least three states have defined specific bullying behaviors as crimes. others have changed existing laws to apply to bullying behaviors.” The evidence from the book means that parents and lawmakers are working together to make bullying a law. States are making these laws so bullies face consequences. Parents don’t want their kids to be bullied so these laws should comfort them. Not only will parents feel comfort but, the students will too so making laws is the best way to punish bullies so bullying laws are essential if you want to prevent bullies from acting
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