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There are an endless amount of ways to reduce the growing crime rates throughout the world. Many believe the most effective way to fight crime is through stricter law codes and a harsh prison system. Others believe that a more understanding and rehabilitative approach should be used to help reduce crime rates. Crime is an everlasting issue throughout America that depending on the decade, has either increased or decreased due to political, economic, social, religious and many more issues in the nation. Economic inequality affects all genders, races, and classes in society. Reducing the inequality in society would decrease criminal actions and improve society, as well as having a stronger police force where crime rates are noticeably higher.…show more content…
Instead, throughout the last decade the police force has caused many racial and other issues in society. A stronger police force in large cities would decrease crime rates and help the community feel safe. Communication and teamwork is important to create a strong police force and an understand of justice and a fair trial should be considered. While some sort of criminal justice system should be established everywhere, large cities where crime rates are higher should contain a stronger police force and more actions taken to prevent criminal activity. A large issue throughout the country is the concern of firearms. Many people believe that the ability to own a weapon is dangerous and causes many of the criminal activities in the country. Others believe that the right to own a weapon is a beneficial opportunity and will help others feels safe. There should be a compromise that helps both those who believe that there should be gun regulation and those who believe that there should be no change. This is used to have stricter gun laws but also allow those who need guns to own them. “Increased police in the 1990s brought down crime by about 5 percent. Police employment increased dramatically in the 1990s, rising 20 percent,” (Chettiar). The increase in the police department, while this evidence is from over 20 years ago, helped crime rates decrease. “A body of…show more content…
Those who learn and see others committing bad actions have a chance at learning and performing those same actions. Peer pressure, poor education, substance abuse, and lack of a role model can lead to juvenile crimes. “In fact, a 25 year-long study of 1,500 children in low-income inner city Chicago neighborhoods found that children who attended a high-quality preschool were 28% less likely to develop drug problems or be incarcerated in adulthood,” (Regis University). Those who go to private schools have a higher chance of not being arrested or having a criminal record. “These inadequacies are what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says are the beginning of the School-to-Prison pipeline, the policies and practices of the American school system that push many schoolchildren on a path to incarceration,” (Regis University). Peer pressure is a big concern to society, the next big thing or fad affecting everyone’s decisions. This is a large concern with substance abuse and other criminal actions in America. “Wanting to fit in and be accepted often serves as motivation for teens to succumb to peer pressure. In a recent survey of nearly 1,000 teenagers, only 10% said that they had not been influenced by peer pressure,” (Regis University). To improve this problem the New York City police

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