Comparing The Oprah Magazine, Cosmo Girl And Fitness Magazine

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In this essay the language used in selected magazines will be examined and criticized. The research question is ''How does the language in Seventeen, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmo Girl and Fitness Magazine both create and attempt to prevent bullying in American Society?''. By choosing some articles from these magazines the language will be inspected. Some magazines will be compared as attempting and some magazines will be compared as preventing bullying by language they used in the articles and article headlines in selected magazine. The inquiries will be analyzed such as beauty, sports, fashion and special summer or winter programs they have in magazines. There will be a criticism of the beauty, sport, fashion and celebrity parts which magazines…show more content…
Beside adults, young people get more affected from the magazines. According to a 2006 report by Magazine Publishers of America says Teen Magazine, 78% of teens read magazines. (Moorhouse) So with the help of the fact it can be said that magazines have a large readership in today’s world by youth. There are thousands of teen magazine but for this report I choose Seventeen, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmo Girl and Fitness Magazine which for me the most known magazines. However magazines do not know the power they have or maybe they are aware of it and this is why they are strict at the headlines. Magazines have Fashion and Beauty, Celebrity, Sports or Health, Gossips parts. Lots of young people look at the fashion and beauty part because being beautiful now has a different meaning. If you turn on a random page in any magazine you will bump into a thousand of beauty tips. Society changed the way being beautiful or looking good. In todays' world it has a one simple meaning: people need to be skinny, need to have a pig nose, long hair, colored eyes but this is wrong(notethical). It is just the skin that people are in and by following what magazines says about what people should be looking like creates a mask which they will be wearing because they are scared that in the end they will be an outsider in the society. And the reason why people feel like they must create that mask is the language that magazines use.…show more content…
it goes on and on. By the language that has been used in the magazines people try to change their-self because if they do not bullying starts. If the person is not skinny enough he/she will be called 'fat' or some other bad words. If the person is not good looking or beautiful-which society gave a new meaning- he/she will be called 'ugly'. People should first realize that the word beautiful cannot have a single meaning. Word beautiful can have lot of meaning because it can change to people to people. Someones’ sense of beauty can be

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