Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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Since school began bullying has always been a problem in public education, though at that time it wasn’t as much of an issue. In those days if a teacher knew about it of something would be done about it. But now whether you know it or not, bullying is a problem and there’s no end in sight. Bullying is a very common problem. Bullying isn’t easy for teachers to catch. With a rising population and class sizes in schools it’s difficult to catch every bully. And if students don’t speak up bullying is usually never stopped. Only 35% of bullying situations have adult intervention. There are many reasons to why this occurs. One reason is that there is so much going on in school that teachers are usually preoccupied with something…show more content…
Whether it’s the bystanders or the victim, students almost never report bullying incidents. A lot of students just ignore the problem. And the victim doesn’t report the bully out of fear. Only 20.8% of students report bullying. And more than one out of five students are bullied each day. This proves that students don’t report bullying enough. Also, only 15% of cyber bullying is reported. Why don’t students report bullying when they see it? It’s that they don’t want to be the target of the bully and out of fear. In a lot of cases the bystanders who report bullying can become the target of the bully. The bully getting into trouble may blame those students. To help stop bullying students need to speak up. Unless they do that then bullies will never be caught. There are programs around the country that encourage this behavior. Programs like Stomp out bullying and Stop are to name a few. If these programs can build bullying awareness for teachers and students it would definitely help this very common problem. If students are more aware of bullying in school then students may no longer be afraid to speak up when they see bullying in school. Also, if teachers are more aware they will be more on look out for bullying
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