Persuasive Essay: How To Prevent Bullying?

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How to prevent bullying? What is bullying? Bullying is hurting someone unreasonably or to cause embarrassment. School is supposed to be a place where students should feel safe and sound. Many students have difficulty to go to school every day due to the bullying issues. There are three things that parents and schools could do to cut being bullied; keep an eye on your child’s social media networks, teach kids how to defense themselves, and bring back school corporal punishment. It’s important to keep an eye on your child’s social media networks because he/she might be a victim of cyber bullying. In this way, parents can make sure the safety and privacy of their children. Being capable to check on child’s activities social media is important for protecting them from the likely dangers of social media. One of the relentless dangers to be alert of is bullying. Using smart phones, iPod touch, and tablet use are in your kid’s life to stay. It can be uncontrollable to maintain with your kid’s online lifestyle, but it’s up to you to keep them protected. Tell them to keep their personal information confidential, and no matter what they can always come to you if they have any concerns and questions, no matter what the circumstances. Maybe share the password on…show more content…
However, the cane may have effects on kids; it can affect student’s academic performance, antisocial behavior, and damaged family relationships. It can affect them psychologically, but as long as it’s done delicately without too much force, corporal punishment is effective. (Effects of corporal punishment. (n.d.). Although 31 states have abandoned the corporal punishment, there are 19 states that still allow it. As stated by the Federal Department of Education, about 200,000 students were caned in public schools in 2009-2010 school years. Farrell, C. (2007).Corporal

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