Persuasive Essay Bullying

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BULLYING Bullying is a very important disease into socialization process. However, it seems to be spreading and contaminating schools, and in addition, every day, appears more technologic pathways, like twitter, facebook, Whatsapp. For instance, the earliest bullying case in Basque Comunity was 10 years ago, when a 12 years old child jumped from the castle wall of Hodarribi because he was besieged by his classmates. Social scientific say, children commit bullying because is a behaviour they learn to overtake his weaknesses, even more, they may also be bullied. So is reasonable to think, once they are an adult they may keep their behaviour and commit moving at work. In contrast, bullied people are more likely to suffer from depression and…show more content…
To my mind, at childhood time, people want security, that´s why need to belong to a family or group. Also, they want to play and have the curiosity to know the world. However, the stressful and competitive lifestyle we have doesn´t help at all. The all school system has a problem and teachers must know bullying is not a lottery, so a head teachers must be aware that his school will be contaminated. Schools have to know how address the problem. They have to prepare programs in advance. And it is the parents responsibility to make sure that the school has antibullying measures in place. Thus, don´t believe, when a head teacher says "we haven´t got bullying"; because he is very lucky and naive or he is brushing off the problem. Therefore, to stop bullying is not rocket science, what we have to do is refocus and think, if we want, well-rounded human, who can read, write and are literate in mathematics and have a curiosity about the world, we have to give them an individualised attention to listening and understand their
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