Explain How To Improve Personal And Professional Skills Required To Achive Strategic Goals

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Learning Outcome 1: Method to improve personal and professional skills required to achive strategic goals AC. 1.1: Skills required for effective strategic management In order to develop vision, mission and long term objectives for the company and make the entire organization aligned with these goals and objectives, there is a need for an effective strategic manager who is able to carry on all the functions sucessfully. In order to achieve long term objectives of the firms, the strategic manager acts like a leader, who lead the subordinates to the right direction and facilitate the people in overcoming the hurdles and obstacles that might arise from time to time. In additon to this, the manager also integrates the organization and makes the people work effectively, to achieve short term goals consistenly, in order to meet the long term objectives of the firm. Thus there is a need for effective skill set for the strategic managers so that they can handle all the tasks in a…show more content…
This is because of the various situation factors that demands change in the structure, functions and direction of an organization. For this reason, leadership skills are required so that in such situations, manager could act as a leader and lead the organizational towards adoption of new strategic dimension. As leading is one of the important functions of management, for this reason these skills are necessary for the strategic managers. There are various situations when the manager has to represent the organization in the outside environment. In these cases he/she has to perform the role of spokesperson or a liaison. In order to perform these roles skills the strategic managers can communicate their point of view and organizational motives in a better way. Presentation skills can also be used within an organization when the managers have to present the ideas or proposal in front of board of Directors and other

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