Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre

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School Shootings The event that occurred in Newton, Connecticut, that took the lives of 27 innocent people, 20 of them being children mostly around the age of ten. The crime took place in the town’s elementary school, Sandy Hook, on December 14, 2012, the shootings were committed by a 20 year old Adam Lanza, who took the lives of 27 people also including his own life at the end of the shooting. Many theories have been suggested as to the way such a horrific act occurred. In this essay I would argue that Adam Lanza didn't commit the school shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School, out pure anger against society, but the fact that there was a deeper more internal issue of not understanding, and not having the intelligence of problems solving. One of the factor that can be the reason behind the shooting committed by Adam Lanza shootings…show more content…
Newman implies, that this can be tied into his relationships with his peers, or be being bullied and excluded from social groups, which would then lead to isolation and frustration. She also suggests where it is most likely to happen, “Particularly in tightly knit rural and suburban communities, where ties are multiplex, anonymity scarce, and homogeneity the rule, those who are different are all the more easily pushed to the fringe.”(Newman p.229). Newton, Connecticut is a suburban community north of Bridgeport, and New Haven, Connecticut. She also mentioned, “In rural communities, school is one of the few 'public stages” where an attention-seeking shooter can create a spectacle.” (Newman p. 55). Growing up it was known that Lanza, had problems with speech, and mental health issues. Interviews were gathered during the

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